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Economic Impact


The wireless industry in Canada makes profound contributions to the economy and social fabric of the country. A study conducted by Nordicity found that in 2016, the Canadian wireless industry employed more than 138,000 people as a result of its activities and generated a total contribution of $25.2 billion in GDP to the Canadian economy. [1]


As Canada’s wireless industry prepares to introduce the next generation of wireless technologies, known as 5G or fifth-generation wireless, the impact on Canada’s economy will be even greater. A recent report published by Accenture estimates that the rollout of 5G will result in an estimated 250,000 new permanent jobs by 2026 [2]. These are on top of the estimated 154,000 temporary jobs that will be created from the building of 5G infrastructure from 2020 to 2026 [3]. Accenture further estimates that the introduction of 5G wireless technologies will add an estimated $40 billion in annual GDP to the Canadian economy by 2026. [4]


By investing in Canada’s wireless future, Canada’s wireless industry will continue to deliver the innovation, economic growth and good, well-paying jobs that are the cornerstones of Canada’s digital and data-driven economy.